Our treatments:

As with any branch of healthcare, these are both preventative and curative.

Preventative Care:

Just as frequent exercise will probably form a part of your regime, so should a regular osteopathic check-up.  In this way conditions can be caught and treated early and before the onset of pain or discomfort, and the resultant interruption of work or sport.

Curative Care:

If you already have pain, discomfort or limited mobility,  we’re geared to getting you back to work or competition as quickly as possible.

Our commitment is to listen attentively to you, conduct a thorough examination and then provide a full diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

We work with you to try to ensure the underlying causes of your complaint are addressed. In addition to osteopathy, this may include exercise, dietary and lifestyle advice.

It may also include foot biomechanics or orthotics – the use of devices which support or correct the function of the foot.  The use of  a small orthotic insert in a shoe can eradicate the poor gait which in turn can be the cause of chronic back pain.

Health Insurance: Our treatments are recognised and approved by all leading private health insurance providers.

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